How can I add or remove a product?#

The simplest way to add a new product is to use the Add Product button. Go to Products and select 'Add Product'. To delete or remove a product, check the check-box next to the product and click the trash icon.

How can I add or remove a supplier?#

To add a supplier, go to Suppliers under Place Orders and select 'Add Supplier'. To delete or remove a supplier, click into the supplier and click the 'DELETE' button.

Should I maintain product price data in Barsumo?#

Price data is sensitive. We get it and we have gone to great lengths to ensure price data is safe/secure. For instance, prices are not included on the order emails sent to suppliers.

Maintaining price data in Barsumo is useful for a number of reasons:

  • Prices allow us to calculate order totals and trigger below minimum order warnings
  • Prices allow us to calculate COGS
  • Prices allow us to track & report price changes

What if a supplier doesn't have an email address?#

If a supplier doesn't have an email address then you cannot place orders to that supplier via Barsumo. You can still, however, record those orders in Barsumo (e.g. for usage purposes).

If you wish to do the latter, just use a personal or venue email address when setting-up the supplier and opt to 'do not send order email' when placing/recording orders to that supplier.

I can't find a supplier on the Order Sheet!#

The order sheet just shows suppliers with products linked to them. If you can't find a supplier on the order sheet, first check that products have been linked to that supplier.

Can I make changes or cancel an order after it is sent?#

If, after submitting an order, you need to make changes or cancel it, contact the supplier by replying-to-all to the original order email. Note: you can mark cancelled orders as cancelled in Barsumo.