User Roles#

Every user is assigned a role. The role determines which features & functions a user has access to. Users who create a venue are assigned the admin role.

Function Admin User Staff User
Stocktakes via the Barsumo Stocktake app Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes Yes
Suppliers Yes No
Products Yes No
User Management (including invite new users) Yes No
Venue Profile Yes No

Invite New Users#

Admin users can invite new users to a venue. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Via the Barsumo Stocktake app
  2. Via the Barsumo webapp
Invite New Users via the Barsumo Stocktake app#
  • Login to the Barsumo Stocktake app
  • Go to the main menu
  • Select 'Invite New User'
  • An invite code will be generated - pass this to the user you want to invite
  • Instruct the user to download the app, sign-up, and use the invite code to join your venue (user should select I HAVE AN INVITE CODE)

Invite codes are valid for 48 hours and can only be used once.



Invite New Users via the Barsumo Stocktake app#
  • Login in to the Barsumo webapp
  • Go to 'User Management' under Venue Settings
  • Here you can see the list of existing users and their role
  • Select 'Add User' and enter the users details (name, email, role)
  • The user will receive an email/invitation to Barsumo with their username and password