Introducing Packages#

On Fri, 2-Nov-2018, Barsumo will introduce support for Packages. This means that you can place orders for Packages aswell as individual Units. 🎉

Change summary#

Question Answer
What's a Package? A Package is a collection of individual Units. E.g. 12x750ml bottles of wine (a case of wine) is considered a Package.
How does it work? You can create & order a Package by updating the number of Units in Package on the Order Sheet. The number you input will be saved for next time.

Please refer to the screen-shots below.
How does this impact stocktakes? There is no change to the Barsumo stocktake app. You will continue to see individual Units and this is what should be counted.

If you would like to be able to count Packages, please let us know at
How does this impact usage? Usage will continue to be calculated based on individual Units and will not be impacted by Packages. When you place an order for a Package, the order quantity will be converted to individual Units for usage purposes.

E.g. if you order two 12x750ml cases of wine, the individual Unit order quantity will be 24 (i.e. 2x12).


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