Our Stocktake App was created to expedite stocktakes and eliminate the need to transcribe counts into a spreadsheet. When you submit a stocktake, a stocktake report (Excel spreadsheet) is sent via email.

Before doing a stocktake, it is recommended to organise your venue's products into storage areas & stocktake groups.

Storage Areas#

Storage areas are the physical areas where you store your products e.g. Main Bar, Fridge, Cellar, Storage Room. If a storage area has >50 products it is recommended to sub-divide it into smaller areas e.g. Main Bar Shelf 1, Main Bar Shelf 2.

Storage areas can be created in the Barsumo webapp For information on adding products to storage areas, see Managing Products.

Stocktake Groups#

Stocktake groups are for partial stocktakes and are optional. Common stocktake groups that we have seen include Top 25 Beverages, House Pours, and Ordering.

Stocktake groups can be created in the Barsumo webapp

The default stocktake group is 'All Products'.

Creating a Stocktake#

  1. First, organise your products into Storage Areas in the Barsumo webapp
  2. Login to the Stocktake app
  3. Select the '+' icon to create a new stocktake
  4. Choose a Stocktake Group (the default group is 'All Products')
  5. Choose a Storage Area and select a product
  6. Enter the product count and click 'Save and Next'
  7. Repeat for all storage areas & products
  8. Last, 'Submit' the stocktake

Sort Products: within a given storage area, you can sort products by dragging n dropping them within the Barsumo Stocktake app. This is a one time task that will make doing stocktakes a lot easier.

Stocktake Report (Excel)#

When you submit a stocktake, a stocktake report (Excel spreadsheet) is sent to the person who submitted the stocktake and the venue email addresses. The report can be used to calculate usage/cogs and other important metrics.

Top Tips#

  • Multiple users can work on a stocktake at the same time.
  • Stocktakes are named 'Stocktake Group name' + 'date-time stamp'.
  • Stocktakes cannot be deleted. If you want to delete or clean-up your stocktakes, just send us an email at