Barsumo batch ordering allows you to place multiple orders to different suppliers at the same time, at the click of a button. If you have a lot of suppliers, this feature is a massive time-saver.


First, products must be linked to their respective supplier(s). This can be done by either:

  1. Selecting product(s) and assigning supplier(s) OR
  2. Clicking into a product and adding suppliers there



If a product is not linked to a supplier or a supplier has no products linked to it, neither will appear on the order sheet.

Steps to placing an order(s)#

  1. Login to the Barsumo webapp
  2. Go to 'Place Orders'
  3. Select the products you wish to order
  4. Click on 'REVIEW ORDERS'
    • Add order notes e.g. "Please deliver before Thurs."
    • Choose whether you want to 'Email orders to suppliers'.
    • Unselect (untick) orders that you don't want to send at this time. Orders that are not sent will be saved as draft orders.
  5. If you need to make an order adjustment, go back to the 'Create' step and adjust as required
  6. When finished, click on 'SUBMIT ORDERS'
  7. The orders will be sent to the person who submitted the order, the supplier email addresses, and the venue email addresses.
  8. The orders will also be recorded in the order log (i.e. 'All Orders')





Email orders to suppliers?#

If you need to record orders placed offline or outside of Barsumo (e.g. via tel, voicemail, WhatsApp, etc), you can do this by submitting an order and opting not to send/email the order to the supplier. The order will be recorded in Barsumo but won't be sent to the supplier email addresses.


Order Log ('All Orders')#

To view orders that have been sent, track deliveries, and check-in invoices, go to 'All Orders'.