Products are the items/goods that you purchase from wholesale distributors & suppliers. Barsumo is purpose designed for beverages yet it can also be used for Bar Accessories, Bars Snacks, Drinks Ingredients, etc. Barsumo is not designed to support wholesale food at this point.

To get the most out of Barsumo, first add your venue's products then organise them. This will make everything else a lot easier.

Add/Import Products#

There are two ways to add new products:

  1. Add Product -- use this for adding a single product
  2. Import Products -- use this for importing multiple products at once


1. Add a single product#
  1. Go to products
  2. Select 'Add Product'
  3. Add the product details - name and uom are required
  4. Click save

Note that a single product can have multiple suppliers (and a different price per supplier).


2. Import multiple products at once#
  1. Go to products
  2. Select 'Import Products'
  3. Type the product details OR
  4. Paste the product data from a spreadsheet (Product Name, UOM, Category, PAR, Supplier, Price)
  5. Click 'Import Products'


Organise Products#

Products can be organised by assigning different product attributes to them. The available attributes are:

  • Product Type
  • Stocktake Group
  • Storage Area
  • Supplier

First, create the relevant attributes for your venue then assign them attributes to your products. To assign one or more attributes, select the product(s) and add the attribute(s).





Product Types#

Product types are high-level categories that are used for reporting. Examples include: Beer, Spirits, Liqueur, Wine, Non-alcoholic, Bar Snacks, etc.


Stocktake Groups#

Stocktake groups are for partial stocktakes and are optional. Common stocktake groups that we have seen include Top 25 Beverages, House Pours, and Ordering.

The default stocktake group is 'All Products'.


Storage Areas#

Storage areas are the physical areas where you store your products e.g. Main Bar, Fridge, Cellar, Storage Room. If a storage area has >50 products it is recommended to sub-divide it into smaller areas e.g. Main Bar Shelf 1, Main Bar Shelf 2.



Suppliers are the business entities you order products from. To add or edit a supplier:

  1. Go to Suppliers under 'Purchase Orders'
  2. Select 'Add Supplier'
  3. Add the supplier details -- name and email are required
  4. Click save




If a supplier doesn't have an email address yet you wish to record orders in Barsumo so that price changes can be tracked and usage/cogs calculated, just use a personal or venue email address and opt to 'do not send order email' when placing orders to this supplier. The orders will be recorded in Barsumo but won't be sent to the supplier email addresses.

See Ordering for more details.